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The Yevetha were a lithe, skeletal species indigenous to N'zoth in the Koornacht Cluster, known for their xenophobia and death-centered culture.

Physically, the Yevetha were tall beings that stood on average up to 1.9 meters in height with light gray skin and a ghoulish appearance that was bereft of any body hair. Male and female members of the species were roughly the same height and build with adults standing between 1.5 to 2.5 meters. They were noted as being a mammalian species with a thin, bony humanoid form. They were described as being so gaunt as to seem skeletal due to their pallid gray skin and lithe builds. Their alien physiognomy was noted for being close enough to a humanoid to the point that it was possible to determine their body language due to the similarities. These tall gaunt humanoids had wide set and large black gray eyes. Their black eyes were said to be as expressionless as stones. The backs and necks were both scaled, which was an evolutionary vestige of natural body armor once possessed by the race. Thus, their skin incorporated this vestigial form of armor that went down from their backs to their necks and down their spines.

Amongst the males of the species, there were scarlet facials crests that ran along cheeks, jaws and the tops of their heads. This larger crest ran across the top and down the back of their heads. A males facial crests swelled when they were spurned to violence or combat. The primary head crest became engorged when a male was ready to mate. Female members of the species did not exhibit such features. Yevetha brains were located in their thoraxes where they were protected by thick bone that served as brain cages. They also possessed fine hair cells that ran as indentations along their temples which provided auditory senses. The race possessed six fingered hands that had retractable dew claws. Each one was located on the inside of the wrist above their six-fingered hands. Their dewclaws shot from a sheath of a skin from their cadaverous hands and were capable of being retracted. When extended fully, the wrist blades were equal to the length of a vibroblade. These blades extended to about a foot in length, and were used in close combat and blood sacrifices. The Yevetha also appeared to possess a greater tolerance for g-forces when compared to Human pilots.

+2 to Strength, -2 to Charisma, Species Size is Medium, Racial Language is Yevethan

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