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The Togorian people were a feline warrior species native to the planet Togoria. They were known for their association with the Mandalorians, and the unique cultural divisions between their sexes. Both male and female Togorians were also noted for their strong sense of honor.

As a species, they were large bipeds, with retractable claws on their hands and feet. Female Togorians were up to 2.2 meters tall, while adult males ranged up to 3.0 meters. They were covered in gray-white to black fur, often with more colorful spots or stripes. They had extremely dense bone tissue, allowing them to endure greater physical trauma than beings with similar physiques.

Togorians evolved as nomadic hunters of creatures like the bist and etelo. In turn, flying reptiles called liphons preyed upon the Togorians. Primitive Togorians noticed that slightly smaller flying reptiles, mosgoths, were also targeted by liphons who attacked their nests and stole their eggs. Togorians began camping near the mosgoths for mutual protection, eventually domesticating them as mounts. Soon, a rift in their society developed-while males wanted to continue their lifestyle as nomads, females wanted the comfort and safety of permanent camps. In other species, the conflict would have led to one lifestyle winning over the other, but both male and female Togorians were too stubborn.

Eventually, the males continued their nomadic ways, riding their mosgoths and hunting, and competing in contests of prowess. Meanwhile, the females stayed in villages with pre-pubescent children, with those communes eventually growing into cities. While the males continued to hunt in the wilderness, the females tended domesticated herds and developed technology. Males would visit their mates for about a month each year, but the sexes lived completely separate lives otherwise. Whether in spite of the separation of the sexes, or because of it, Togorians were monogamous, and devoted to their chosen mates.

+4 to Strength, +2 to Dexterity, +2 to Constitution, -2 to Intelligence, -2 to Wisdom, Species Size is Large, Racial Language is Togorian

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