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Each Thakwaash had many different personalities, each performing some specialized function. This was their normal mental state and was not considered a psychosis, as it would be in a Human. As they grew older and developed, they usually discovered more "minds," and gradually improved upon their skill in switching between them. These personalities had various abilities and skills, behaviors, and views on life. These could include an undisciplined yet skilled pilot, a calm and polite socializer, an arrogant, elitist mind, an insane one (which only caused slight problems, since they could still switch to other "minds"), and others. This ability also helped them figure out how others would think, increasing their ability to imitate their target's writings or thought processes.

They also possessed, on average, three times the strength of an average human male. For instance, Hohass Ekwesh was capable of killing a man weighing 130 kilograms by "casually" swinging him into a wall, one-handed. They are also usually very tall at an average height of three meters.

+4 to Strength, -1 to Dexterity, -1 to Charisma, Species Size is Large, Racial Language is Thakwaashi

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"D20MUD: Star Wars is one of the most feature-heavy MUDs out there. Very true to her d20 roots! The game also reminds me a lot of my favorite MMORPG: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Am and always will be a fan!"
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"This is, bar none, the best Star Wars themed MUD in existence. They really captured the essence of the d20 System with this one. 5 out of 5 stars."
-- Fekk

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"D20mud is the best mud I've played in my 20 years of fingering a keyboard. It has everything any mudder could want and then some. From pvp to rich and interesting areas, mobs, class structure, to staff who are the most patient, fair, and helpful I've ever seen and player involvement in the direction the mud takes...I love it, and will always be as involved in it as life lets me be."
-- Rakhsasa

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