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Mustafarians were an insectoid sentient species native to the volcanic planet Mustafar. They were divided into two subspecies: the taller, thinner northern Mustafarians, and a smaller, stockier, and hardier southern Mustafarians.

An insectoid sentient species, the two subspecies of Mustafarians had different physiologies as well as different roles in their society. The northern Mustafarians were significantly taller than their cousins and physically weaker. Because of their frail physiology, those who served as sentries commonly had their limbs enhanced with cybernetic prosthetics.

The southern Mustafarians were stronger and shorter in stature than their northern cousins. They handled the "heavy lifting" jobs of the their planet's lava mining, and could withstand higher temperatures than northerners. Since they spent more time near the lava, they wore breath masks and thick armor to compensate.

There were similarities between the two subspecies, though. Both were hard-shelled arthropods with long snouts and insectoid eyes. Their exoskeletons lay in plates over leathery skin, serving as protection from the heat they experienced on Mustafar. Unlike most species of the galaxy, they had very little water in their bodies.

+4 to Constitution, Species Size is Medium, Racial Language is Mustafarian

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