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The Fosh were bird-like creatures with slim torsos and delicate arms tipped with four-fingered, talon-like hands that evolved over tens of thousands of years from wings. Due to the frail nature of their bodies, Fosh tended to shy away from conflict and confrontation. Their necks in particular were most vulnerable, and were reflexively guarded during combat. They were, however, agile creatures with a typically avian digitigrade stance and flay-toed feet useful for jumping.

The Fosh had a convex face ending in a beak-like mouth, around which were tufts of soft whiskers. The head of the Fosh was capped with two twisting antennae, the use of which remains unknown, and a feather-lined ridge protruding from the skull. These feathers shifted color depending on the Fosh's mood: Green indicated inquisitiveness, thoughtfulness or amusement; orange was a sign of happiness; and gray was anger, disgust, irritation or seriousness.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the species was the chemical makeup of its tears. Female Fosh especially had lacrimal glands that enabled them to alter their tears to produce a variety of pheromonal substances that affected males during mating. The Sith apprentice Vergere had such a control over her tears that they could, with the aid of the Force, be engineered to produce any number of chemical substances ranging from poisons to healing fluids more powerful than bacta.

+2 to Dexterity, -2 to Constitution, +4 to Intelligence, +4 to Wisdom, +4 to Charisma, Species Size is Small, Racial Language is Fosh

Fosh is an advanced race that can only be obtained by earning account experience through playing the game.

Requires 15000 Account Exp to Unlock.

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