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A cyborg was a cybernetic organism, that is, a living organic sentient organism with mechanical prostheses. Often covered in synthflesh/synthskin, these prostheses served one or more of three purposes:

1. Life support, often due to injuries sustained. Examples of this were Darth Vader, General Grievous, and Lumiya.

2. Prosthetic replacements for parts that were lost, though they may not be required for life itself. An example of this was the prosthetic hand used by Luke Skywalker, as well the mechanical arm used by Anakin Skywalker.

3. To enhance one's abilities, as in the case of Lobot. General Grievous's abilities were also significantly enhanced by his prostheses, though his main reason for becoming a cyborg was that he had sustained massive injuries
and would have died otherwise.

However, his four arms, each with its own lightsaber, did improve his swordsmanship beyond his native abilities.


NOTE: With the implementation of the cybernetics system, this race is no longer selectable, though existing characters can keep their race as cyborg if desired.

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