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The Falleen were an exotic, cold-blooded reptilian species known to be long lived, with life
spans averaging 250 years.

The sleek symmetry of their features, calculating and cold demeanors, their exotic looks, and
their ability to alter their skin pigmentation meant that the Falleen were often considered to
be among the most aesthetically pleasing beings in the galaxy. In addition to their strikingly
beautiful appearance, the Falleen exuded pheromones which made them all but irresistible to both
sexes, as evidenced when Quinlan Vos fell under the influence of a male Falleen's pheromones.
They had small scales all over the r bodies, as well as slightly clawed fingers and toes. In
addition, the Falleen displayed prominent facial and spinal ridges, though females tended to
have slighter, more subtle growths.

The Falleen were semi-aquatic, and were able to hold their breath underwater for a long period
of time, leading exobiologists to believe that the Falleen's ancestors were completely aquatic.
The appearance of breasts and other mammalian characteristics. Falleen females and males have
also led exobiologists to believe that Falleen had a mammal ancestor.

RACIAL ABILITIES: +3 bonus to persuasion and deception skills

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