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Members of the sentient alien species known as Kushibans were four-limbed
lagomorphs. Their bodies were commonly half a meter long, but reach one meter,
as exemplified by Kushiban Jedi Master Ikrit, was not uncommon. Like many
smaller species, they were physically weaker than most humanoids, but they
were also a difficult target due to their small size They were also nimble,
quick and stealthy when needed.

While Kushibans were quadrupeds, their foremost paws could be used as
manipulative hands, allow a Kushiban to open a door, to hold an object, or to
beat its chest while standing on its other legs. Indeed, Kushibans could walk
on two legs, but they were faster when running or ramming on fours, and tended
to walk on fours as default choice. A Kushiban could also leap, reaching the
shoulder of an eleven-year-old human, the upper dome of an R2 unit, or the
frame of a window, and they could also climb through steep walls or through
the body of a friendly humanoid.

The face of a Kushiban, which had apelike features, included a keen small snout,
but was dominated by its big, innocent-looking, round eyes, with eyelids protuded
for several centimeter. Kushibans were known to wink eyes and to ennervantly
watch people while silently waiting for the other person to talk. The eye color,
in the case of Jedi Master Ikrit, could change to mimic the eye color of the
person the Kushiban was looking at or becoming a whirpool if the Kushiban was
not looking at anyone at the moment. Ikrit's eyes were known to be bright,
except during the end of his life, and Human Jedi Tionne Solusar recognized in
them curiosity and intelligence.

Due to the fur, short height and long ears of the Kushibans, other people tended
to take them for pets or vermins. By looking helpless and cute, a Kushiban could
trick even a Jedi community so that he could be considered the pet of a person
instead of an intelligent person.


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