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The Quarren or Qarren, were one of several aquatic sentient species from the
planet Dac, called by off-worlders Mon Calamari. The Quarren shared their
homeworld with the Mon Calamari, another sentient species hailing from Dac. The
Quarren had many conflicts and a tense relationship with the Mon Calamari.
However, in order to make their planet prosperous, they were forced to provide
resources from the ocean depths so that the Mon Calamari could build star ships
for off-worlders.
Biology and appearance
Quarren were aquatic humanoids with squid-like heads, at least four tentacles on
their faces, and leathery skin. Quarren tentacles were prehensile, and they were
able to manipulate food with them. Quarren had small mouths, with two fang-like
teeth jutting from their faces on either side, and a long, thin tongue sticking
out in between. Quarren had two long protrusions that extended from either side
of their faces. In these protrusions were several gill-like structures that were
actually aural structures, used for hearing instead of ears.Quarren also had
holes on either sides of their neck that were most likely used for breathing.
Quarren had two sac-like organs that hung from the back of their heads as well.



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