Bugs Reported and Not Yet Fixed

Voshil (Nov 22) [20565] It appears you can take the rage feat more than once.
Bones (Nov 8) [ 1736] The Augment system is messed up... I put 4+4 and got 6 which worked, but then a 28 + 4 = 24, 24 + 6 = 22... This is waaay different from the help file, and makes little sense overall.
Fizban (Nov 7) [30000] nonewshow displays the wrong message. It shows it being disabled when enabled and vice versa.
Bones (Nov 5) [20560] There is a bug that (Might be... not 100% since don't want the game down) crash the mud. If you rewire multiple (6+) drones, or enter combat with them it seems to crash the game!
Bones (Nov 5) [20560] On Supply quests if you disconnect after 2 then log back on.. the Job is complete, or reset.
Jagus (Nov 3) [ 1735] Putting two lightsaber crystals in a crafting station and using 'augment' turns them into a datachip.
Jagus (Nov 3) [ 851] You can choose 'skill focus' and 'epic skill focus' feats multiple times for the same skill, yet these feats do not stack.
Spook (Oct 31) [64000] hitchride to Endless Glacier just loads ya into the vessel and you get stuck there.
Jagus (Oct 31) [ 1938] After selecting the multi target force power feat and activating 'forcesecret multi-target', none of my force powers actually hit more than one opponent, even when I'm fighting a large group of agressive mobs. Fp usage, however, is increased by quite a bit.
Menhotep (Oct 27) [ 338] For some reason, my tie fighter is in an "an unfinished room" (Ship id 56) and my z-95 (id 44) is in space around coruscant, despite me being on the ground at czerka at time of this bug report.
Menhotep (Oct 26) [ 295] Force Sense - It appears that it still uses my str/dex for my combat bonuses when using a lightsaber rather then my wis score bonus
Menhotep (Oct 25) [20300] For some reason, I appear to be listed as "in hyperspace" despite my not being in hyperspace
SS-10 (Oct 23) [57022] I cannot earn remort exp, mentored at any level, while at the regular exp cap.
Jagus (Oct 23) [ 1735] Some item names start with a capital letter and some don't. For example, I have 'a pair of Mandalorian Crushgaunts' and 'A medallion +8 wisdom'. Both of these were found in the MUD itself, they weren't crafted. It would look a little bit better if all items followed the same naming convention with regards to the first letter.
Jagus (Oct 23) [ 1936] I'm not sure if the 'riposte' feat is working as intended, I've parried many attacks and have never seen any indication that my character is gaining additional attacks for it.
Jagus (Oct 23) [ 1930] I don't think the feat 'combat reflexes' works as intended. Despite having the feat and a dexterity bonus of +9 I've never seen my character perform more than one attack of opportunity per round.
Jagus (Oct 23) [ 1930] I don't think the feat 'combat reflexes' works as intended. Despite having the feat and a dexterity bonus of +9 I've never seen my character perform more than one attack of opportunity per round.
Jagus (Oct 23) [ 1932] I took the 'epic skill focus: use the force' feat but it doesn't show up in my 'feats' list and it doesn't seem to have actually increased my use the force skill at all.
Jagus (Oct 22) [ 2857] When leveling as a light side striker, a large number of the feats listed in 'feats light side striker' are not actually available for selection.
Jagus (Oct 22) [ 1735] After doing a force respec, I seem to have lost a large amount of artisan experience. Before the respec I had both my armstech and harvesting skill at around 60, after the respec I only had enough experience to raise armstech to 31. I did however retain my artisan level of 60.
Nemean (Oct 14) [30802] The entire server seems to crash when I try to log in as my character #9 Elsu. I also notice that his rac/class/ alignment are "missing" on my character list screen
Jagus (Oct 10) [ 859] I just bought 'A pair of leather boots +8 wisdom' but when I equip them it doesn't actually increase my wisdom at all. They show up as 'WIS +8' on the 'eqstats' list but no wisdom bonus actually appears in the 'stats' display or the 'defenses will' list.
Trogg3 (Oct 10) [30000] can not log in as slot 1 (even if thats my only slot). I log in with my normal account and password. It shows my numbered slots. I press '1' 'enter'. It just sits there. I waited 20 minutes. Repeat. It just sits there. I can create a new slot or select 2 as a slot with valid data in it. It will log continue to the next screen and the character loads. If clear out my extra slots. It doesn't seem to matter. Other than telling me that slot doesn't exist. Trogg is my slot 1 character. I can't seem to get it to accept '1' as an answer. Tried from a unix shell prompt with the telnet command. I tried from the website's webpage 'play in browser'. I tried from mudlet.
Jagus (Oct 8) [ 1735] 'skills harvest' lists the skill bonus from the feat 'proficient harvester', but 'skills armstech' doesn't list the skill bonus from the feat 'proficient crafter'.
Jagus (Oct 8) [ 1290] In hangar bays where you are told that you can 'sell ships', there is no way to actually sell ships that I can find. All the syntaxes I've tried just give the message 'Sorry, but you cannot do that here!'
Jagus (Oct 7) [ 431] The 'install' command no longer allows me to upgrade my equipment with schematics, it just tells me 'That is not a ship module' when I try to for example 'install vibroknuckles energy-projector'.
Jagus (Oct 7) [ 400] The 'eq' command is displaying a slot called '', so here I am reporting it!
Jagus (Oct 7) [ 2858] 'help opportunist' lists the prerequisite as 'Rogue level 10'.
Jagus (Oct 6) [ 2857] 'help rep critical threat bonus' lists the prerequisite as 5,000 rp points, when it should be 5,000 reputation.
Jagus (Oct 6) [ 2857] The 'defensive stance' buff seems to have changed its name to 'Lepese', which Wookiepedia tells me is a language.
Jagus (Oct 1) [ 783] "feats soldier" lists martial arts ii as a class feat twice. I assumed that was just a typo and that the second martial arts ii was actually supposed to be martial arts iii but no, martial arts iii really isn't selectable as a class feat when leveling as a soldier. Either "feats soldier" should be changed or martial arts iii should be changed to be a soldier class feat.
Jagus (Sep 30) [ 2102] When selecting the feat "ki damage", the description is as follows: "Feat Description: Weapons of Choice have 5 percent chance to deal max damage". This is very different from the description given in "help ki damage" and it's unclear which description is correct.
Jagus (Sep 30) [ 357] At Regid's Repairs on Coruscant, any attempt to repair my equipment results in "Your ship is not in need of repair".
Jagus (Sep 27) [57094] I tried to "repair" while inside my ship and got the message "You do not have enough money to repair your ship. The cost is -200 and you have 37582 on you."
Jagus (Sep 27) [ 468] The shops say "PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ HELP LICENSES BEFORE BUYING ANYTHING" but, rather distressingly, "help licenses" doesn't exist.
Jagus (Sep 27) [ 434] On the "ship list", the "Ship Type" and "Location" headings seem to be switched around.
Jagus (Sep 27) [ 239] The helpfile "help experience" talks about rp points and points towards "help rp-points" for more information but "help rp-points" doesn't exist.
TesterNoACCEXP (Sep 26) [30000] reroll command not working
Grtakh (Sep 21) [ 129] I think quest completion is broken... I've completed four already and 'score' shows my completed quests at 0.
Korath (Sep 14) [ 6631] Spaceport on Nar Shaddaa doesn't work properly, and there's no vendor at all in Rancor's den, despite what it says when you type list at a ship vendor (You may only view ships from the following planets: Carida, Coruscant, Hoth, Nar Shaddaa (Rancor's Den Only).)
Noni (Sep 14) [ 3980] echani stunning blow sometimes disables the player instead of the target?
Korath (Sep 13) [ 3621] feats weapon-master doesn't work, nor feats weapon master
Qort (Sep 13) [ 762] I have the 'shield bracing' feat, and I cannot use a carbine and a tech shield at the same time. When I try to equip the shield, it says I don't have enough hands free. If I unwield the carbine, I can then use the shield.
Qort (Sep 13) [ 757] When looking at affects, I see the following: "weapon frequency augmentation 15 53 rounds +1 to Nothing"
Yohllo (Sep 12) [ 1734] According to Noni, if you take certain feats, you can slice items from lockboxes that are actually better than regular fabled gear. This creates the possibility for improbably high stats on items. It was described as "Fabled becoming the new common, and gear being +1 above that". This to me looks like a bug, and when asked if it had been reported as a potential bug, Noni said, "No, we like our uber gear", even after admitting that it might be a bug. This is in violation of help rules bug
Noni (Sep 11) [57010] Cannot see other players in space. Put a monkey wrench in pvp battle royale, lol
Qort (Sep 11) [ 602] I hopped a shuttle from the starting shuttle room and when I landed on Tatooine, it said "Your light tie fighter arrives at your hyperspace destination of Tatooine.
Korath (Sep 11) [30003] The choose alignment room suggests that there's no way during gameplay to change alignment, other than taskforce missions. However, sending orphans will change alignment, which is contrary to this information. I'd consider that to be "During gameplay"
Sanguin (Sep 10) [ 6408] If you board a ship and then HITCHRIDE. When you arrive you keep the ship prompt.
TSR-42 (Sep 9) [ 603] Seems as though sith combat droids, used as pets through rewire droid, crash the mud. A lot. Not sure why. Only seemed to do so against sandpeople, though.
TSR-42 (Sep 9) [ 652] If you use a tech ability with machinist that is on cooldown, the field technician ability has a chance to reset it (IE you can abuse the reset facility)
TSR-42 (Sep 9) [ 715] The "upgrade droid" command doesn't work, even after having the feat from machinist. Presumably there's either a syntax thing, or something. The command returns "You can't do that here". If there's someplace specific you need to be to use the command, or a special syntax, it would be helpful to have those in the help file. Thanks.
TSR-42 (Sep 9) [ 689] Ignore doesn't seem to be working, at least not for chat channel. Also, even when you turn chat channel off, to avoid people being jerks, you still see their emotes.
Noni (Sep 7) [ 4000] stamina points displays while onboard a ship, but not when you disembark
Drakar (Sep 6) [ 1786] I just unbundled a cotton bundle of 7 and recieved plasteel scraps x 7
Noni (Sep 2) [57010] pilot xp not split between players in a group, only player who gets last hit. also, cannot see attacks by other players while in space
Fethras (Sep 2) [30000] Just FYI, I was PVPing with Noni and Auxey, and both times I won, but didn't get any XP. I should have gotten 16.8 million each time. Noni said it's known that getting too much XP at once will cause you not to get any.
Fethras (Aug 29) [ 6500] Just to report. I found a ship upgrade schematic of type -null-, and I was told it was a bug.
Meralin (Aug 29) [30034] "help items" tells me that there is no such page.
Drakar (Aug 24) [ 1099] there is a location just inside the desert in the valley of the dark lords listed as a shop that doesn't respond to any shop commands
Fethras (Aug 23) [ 6547] Not sure if this is a bug or just not wanting to limit a feat, but my gas grenades appear to work on droids.
Fethras (Aug 23) [ 6544] Looks like there might be a bug with the "Empty Clip" feat. When I use it, even on a fresh clip, I see a message that I am bracing the rifle and preparing to empty the clip, then no attack or damage and on the next round I slap in a new clip.
Sanguin (Aug 22) [ 700] Cannot accept quest #30. Ruined Sith Temple quest line. Error states pre-reqs not complete, Which is called up as quest #2 8 but I have completed this quest. Should it actually be calling up quest #29 as the requirement instead?
Drakar (Aug 20) [ 1314] repairing at K5-WRs in dantooine has been crashing the server
Drakar (Aug 20) [57058] when inside the x-wing advanced, it doesn't describe that it's an x-wing advanced and only says inside a spacecraft
Drakar (Aug 20) [57056] the description of the b-wing includes "x-wing advanced" when you look around inside the ship
Drakar (Aug 19) [57047] I typed "ship 23" to get info about my ship and crashed the server, sorry
Drakar (Aug 19) [ 901] whenever I move into the same space as Zeric on Korriban, the game disconnects after he starts his auto text sequence
Drakar (Aug 19) [30035] when at starting city if you tow your ship and try to board it, it keeps dropping me one square to the E of the starship departure location and I cannot board m ship
Drakar (Aug 19) [57047] it appears that when nicknaming, the first name tends to stick and any any other attempts to rename do not stick. when boaring, it shows the old name, but refers to the new name every other time
Drakar (Aug 15) [ 355] when using ID with my datapad, it costs money... wasn't that supposed to be free?
Drakar (Aug 15) [57047] the shipyard in corruscant does not allow landing from space
Drakar (Aug 14) [57046] czerka station docks does not appear to be able to repair ships
Drakar (Aug 14) [ 1700] ship nicknames do not appear to work, I've tried renaming and the string is above the min and below the max values, but not being set
Drakar (Aug 13) [ 1786] it appears that the space stats are displayed when not in space
Noni (Aug 11) [57010] Light tractor beam module does not seem to work. Still having to go all the way to wreckage to salvage.
Drakar (Aug 5) [ 295] there does not appear to be a way to leave a guild once joined
Drakar (Aug 5) [ 233] While it's not supposed to happen, I appear to have joined a guild prior to maxing out my class progression
Noni (Aug 3) [59008] I installed a few ship mods two days ago, and now they have all disappeared.
Drakar (Aug 2) [ 231] i apparently keep crashing the server combining a few thousand plasteel among friends... sorry guys... it happened 3 times
Drakar (Aug 2) [30500] within the black sun sector when you first get there go S once and E once and the text highlighting is not correct and goes over much of the line
SS-10 (Jul 31) [ 150] shortly after 2.1 trillion exp I rolled over into the negatives
Auxey (Jul 28) [ 325] I crashed the mud trying to change my password
Noni (Jul 27) [ 1290] Dual-cannon module does not increase weapon damage when installed.
Noni (Jul 27) [ 1290] type: 'upgrade noni beam-focuser zisnam' rather. even when you type exactly that in it will just repeat the message over again.
Noni (Jul 27) [ 1290] When trying to upgrade ship, confirmation code will not accept. Will just keep repeating type: upgrade noni beam-focuser
Valysha (Jul 24) [59000] dropsuit is not working for me and I have the mod on my robes+the feat You cannot attempt a dropsuit landing without wearing a dropsuit, and must choose another option.
Valysha (Jul 23) [ 0] force storm was attacking me as well as my enemies in the room. https://ada-young.appspot.com/pastebin/_apsewdP
Edann (Jul 20) [20056] The money command says 'You have 89353 credits credits.'
Edann (Jul 20) [20072] The game doesn't register the bonus from my +1 Con boots from the emporium
WLT-R01 (Jul 16) [30900] entry point for Carida Base Residential Habitation has exit leading straight to Welcome to d20MUD listed still...
Drakar (Jul 16) [ 2896] the rounding software that calculates the XP % seems to be off and goes to .00 often when it's closely after a level and about to go to the next level. The result is, for example, when going from 78.78% to closer to 79 to looked like it went down to 78.00%
WLT-R01 (Jul 16) [ 916] pathing on Korriban is hosed just outside of the spaceport. it endlessly loops. - Correction it works but there is still something off there... Red mapping.
WLT-R01 (Jul 16) [ 910] pathing on Korriban is hosed just outside of the spaceport. it endlessly loops.
WLT-R01 (Jul 16) [59001] More of an oversight than a bug if you type hyp kori in space it will pop up a message referencing the starship command which is OBE
WLT-R01 (Jul 15) [13304] Coruscant Shipyard mapping is completely and utterly hosed... please send me a mail with the zone and vnums... I will go look at try and fix o nthe build port.
WLT-R01 (Jul 15) [13170] scripts for turbolift on coru shipyards need looked at
WLT-R01 (Jul 15) [ 1712] on respec, if you do not take the appropriate feat, you cannot collect the monies previously invested unless you respec again. Recommend always allowing the invest collect...
WLT-R01 (Jul 15) [ 1787] Helpfile for Prestige Class Commando is missing
WLT-R01 (Jul 15) [ 1787] Appears that items made of other materials for example cotton, when dismantled, will show "a bundle of # cotton". Upon unbundling it gives plasteel...
WLT-R01 (Jul 15) [ 1787] fibrous plasteel bundles drop low quality kevlar. Not even sure that fibrous plasteel should exist... Be better if they properly identified as what they were.
Drakar (Jul 15) [ 2894] all of the spacing of the walk ways in the mandalorian arena are off to the left by 2 spaces
Drakar (Jul 15) [ 2859] it appears that the spacing of he walk ways in the mandalorian arena's first room as you enter is off visually
WLT-R01 (Jul 14) [ 361] Material n More Czerka station. Shop description says buy and sell materials... selling is not an available option.
WLT-R01 (Jul 14) [ 6517] room Cargo Handling Area [ Inside ] allowed call transport shuttle to land
WLT-R01 (Jul 14) [ 6570] when using harvestorder and you roll a double the amount, the amount of resource points should also be doubled.
Drakar (Jul 12) [ 1736] when I look at my encumberance, it presents an **OVERFLOW** warning and doesn't list most of my items
WLT-R01 (Jul 10) [30620] location A Work Area in Aalan's Home - Should be able to store items here yes? I believe it was like that before... Or maybe that would be why I lost stuff... because I did not realize.
Drakar (Jul 8) [59000] when grouped in space it appears that setting alignto locations does not update the distance properly
WLT-R01 (Jul 4) [ 129] surveyor feat - either needs a counter letting you know what % you are getting, the prior and a counter to how many you have, or if it does not stack, it needs to be locked at a single entry. There is no indicator what 2 times does...
Aalan (Jul 4) [ 780] If party members of a group are not located on the same planet and within the same zone they should not get bonuses to XP...
Auxey (Jun 29) [20129] Mob 20105 appears in game as "gold" and cannot be attacked (injured hoth hog), I looked at it in medit and it is not a finished mob, thought you'd like to know :)
Exigo (Jun 28) [ 2293] Whirlwind seems to need a really close look. If toggled on - sometimes it won't let you engage in combat with npcs. Other times, it won't show damage done and will just kill things.
Aalan (Jun 24) [59010] upon death recall location from 'recall set' is wiped back to default location not player set location.
Drakar (Jun 23) [ 768] I appear to be able to use the downgrade command to perform upgrades on chips "You downgrade a datachip of WILL max level 1 [] to level 40."
Aalan (Jun 20) [59010] was able to put a bantha leather stachel into my a large republic pack. Containers are not supposed to go into containers
Navaru (Jun 17) [30701] my hp is going down without me changing my mentor level, nor am i having new/removed affections. In combat it's around 3500, and outside of combat i'm at around 3,200. -which is normal to my build, but it's now at 1949, and it says that's my max.
Operative (Jun 14) [30001] setrace co
SS-10 (Jun 14) [ 4000] the "time" command shows the wrong point of star wars timeline: clone wars
Drakar (Jun 10) [ 863] the look command at Gerig's Medical Supplies in Mos Eisley misaligns the map by one space
Noni (Jun 8) [ 357] attuning items causes them to lose bonuses from being special drops. +27 carbine went down to +20. perhaps not a bug but a feature? didnt notice any warnings about that, haha.
Noni (Jun 7) [ 832] Items put into item bank disappeared and no longer accessable. (nothing listed with 'list' command, can't be withdrawn with 'withdraw' command.)
SS-10 (Jun 1) [ 3969] I reported awhile ago that usetech nanobots wasnt properly locking you out while it is on the timer page, it appears all usetech abilities are not obeying timer
SS-10 (Jun 1) [ 3969] it does not show "gatherinfo" cooldown on "timers"
Vez (May 28) [ 816] 'roleplay' doesn't pop up the R flag on who screen
Wubbie (May 7) [ 622] Game crashes when i turnin quest
SS-10 (May 6) [ 4000] I believe the pilot exp tables are still a bit messed up. i leveled quick through the 30s and it felt way too fast. i suspect something is still messed up somewhere. its not nearly as bad as the original bug was tho
SS-10 (May 4) [59008] Durasteel scrap bundles from space salvage unbundle to plasteel
Kinzu (Mar 5) [ 3979] TANKMOUNT Having posted a number of bug reports relating to attacks of opportunity hitting my mount, I now notice that that does not happen when TANKMOUNT is turned off. Or, I am not getting notices about me hitting my mount.
Kinzu (Mar 5) [ 3990] RIPOSTE, every time I parry successfully, I hit my mount with a riposte. Many of my attacks of opertunity are hitting my mount instead of my enemy.
Kinzu (Mar 1) [ 306] install, trying to install another mod of the same type over an existing mod returns an error including the name of the attempted mod instead of the existing mod. Close but no cigar. heh
Kinzu (Feb 23) [ 603] "quest accept" Especially in the case of the sand people zone on tatooine, a player can not accept each quest in the list before heading out to complete them. However, if the quests are accepted in reverse order (26,25,24,23) then no such restrictions apply. This is also true of the Rogues zone quests from Gala. There appears to be a way around the quest restrictions.
Kinzu (Feb 23) [ 603] "call transport shuttle" not all shuttles fly away after a minute. Pretty sure I saw one up and fly off, but most sit around a very long time. perhaps even until zone reset. Its excellent flavor when transport shuttles lift off and scoot away like air taxies.
Kinzu (Feb 22) [ 604] "call transport shuttle" the command allows me to shuttle to players whom are inside.
Kinzu (Feb 22) [ 1729] Some starship circuits are too expensive for merchants to buy. That's the error they tell me, anyhow. "I cant afford to buy that" they say.
Kinzu (Feb 22) [ 3963] "spring attack" the feat keeps attacking my poor bantha! Its so sad! On rare chances, it actually attacks me?! Something in that feat is oh so very wrong. Hitting myself with a lightsaber is not good.
Kinzu (Feb 22) [59004] "UT 'call transport shuttle'", I can call a transport shuttle from inside my starship and it will shuttle me to space around Dantooine no matter where I target. It probably shouldnt work at all.
Kinzu (Feb 17) [ 310] RESPEC, my recent respec did not remove my known medical abilities. I got yet more ana tokens, and now I have way too many medical abilities.
Kinzu (Feb 17) [ 310] RESPEC, my recent respec did not remove my known tech abilities. I got yet more dev tokens and now I have way way too many
Kinzu (Feb 17) [59000] SELL in repair hanger. I went to sell some starship circuits, not certain where. In the hanger, "sell cir" sold my starship. Im glad to no longer have a starship that was not of my faction, but it felt like that would be a great place to confirm a multi-million credit sale.
Kinzu (Feb 17) [59000] PLEVEL, having just done a respec, I have lots of pilot xp, but I am not able to levelup my pilot skills. I have killed enemy ships and still no success. It tells me I need zero more points to next level. I had 2 unspent pilot skill points when I respec, and they did transfer over.
SS-10 (Feb 14) [59003] Mos Eisley spaceport does not indicate it is a launch room, it only mentions the shuttle command
SS-10 (Feb 11) [ 3977] PVE hour doesnt seem to add to crafting exp ticks for regular crafts and supplyorders
Kinzu (Feb 4) [ 1738] CREATE, with a kevlar gloves in the crafting station, the CHECKCRAFT and CREATE commands did not prompt me to remove the previously crafted item. The mistakenly placed item was consumed in the crafting process, but did not count as material.
SS-10 (Feb 4) [ 1734] with haggle on or off, sales prices for my items is always listed as a static 7500 credits. now that im writing this i realize i didn't check if it was still giving the haggled amount but either way it is at least printing the wrong message amount.
SS-10 (Feb 4) [ 1734] ship kills do not count towards daily pve mob kills. intentional? maybe expand on daily to have a new category for PvE Bonus 1 and 2, one for planetside mobs, the other for space mobs?
SS-10 (Feb 4) [59008] while in mandalorian space, "The sun rises in the east" probably best to keep this off in space, someone may be too far from a planet for the sun to be obscured by anything effectively preventing it from rising or setting. maybe based on proximity it could show something like "the sun shifts from its obscured position behind the planet and fills space with its radition"... probably a bad quick example but you see what i mean.
Kinzu (Feb 1) [59007] HYPERSPACE, while in hyperspace, my previously set alignto destination is still being processed. Having jumped into hyperspace, my ship is still using sublight engines to reach its objective, and it tells me it has reached that goal. Suggest that entering hyperspace should delete any timers working towards alignto destination.
Kinzu (Feb 1) [30000] HYPERSPACE, Having jumped into hyperspace, I used the HYPERSPACE command again. I arrive at destination 1, then it tries to jump to destination 2, but lands me back at mud start. HYP command should not be available while in hyperspace. Suggest "Use REALSPACE to drop back into real space and recalculate." If you are using a grid map of space, it could land the ship someplace along that rout.
Kelanie (Jan 31) [ 137] I was roleplaying earlier, trying to have some fun and get account experience while doing such. Was saving up for a sith pureblood race since there wasn't any twi'leks, so its only 5k to get. And I had gotten a little over 5k before the rp ended, so I was excited to come back and make the character with that race, but I got to going to buy it in character creation and it said I didn't have enough. I don't know why it happened, but I only have 4154 account experience now :( So I wasn't able to get the race to make the character and I have no idea what caused my points to drop while I was away...
SS-10 (Jan 30) [ 3967] buff self does not include my racial droid shield ability
SS-10 (Jan 30) [ 3959] Now i dont really want this changed but.. i can still usetech nanobots when it is on timer cooldown. the more i multiheal myself the more i feel i am exploiting so i thought i should report it just in case you dont know. -SS-10
SS-10 (Jan 30) [ 1734] Trying to destroy an object that can't be destroyed prints "you can't sacrifice that", possibly change to match destroy instead of safrifice. tested by ttying to destroy crafting station
Sian (Jan 30) [ 1734] accexp into itens are not giving the correct bonus for rare, legendary and mythical, it should be +3 but it is giving just +2
Kelanie (Jan 30) [ 150] Oh by the way the game was crashing earlier when I tried to equip 'an E-Web Blaster Cannon ..It emits a faint humming sound!'.
Kinzu (Jan 30) [59007] pilot feat, You are now able to use your ability '!UNUSED!' again.
Kinzu (Jan 29) [ 1734] crafting station, SUPPLYORDER command, it is possible to craft a 'nothing' when you have no assigned supplyorder. It goes through the motions, consumes your materials, and produces a 'nothing'.
Kinzu (Jan 28) [30000] groups, when a group leader not in the same room as my char moves, it tells me I cannot follow tthat leader. It should probably check for us to be in the same room before even trying
Cukad (Jan 27) [ 208] Blinding strike cause mud to crash if I use on the black sun crime lord at coruscant
Mulansir (Jan 26) [ 161] treasure, I just got a vibroblade and identify set me back 7.8 million and it's level 72. Should make treasure drop max of level 40.
Shador (Jan 25) [ 1306] Website race webpage seem bugged, only show two races
SS-10 (Jan 24) [59000] was able to attack a ship 603 dist away with conc missile even though it is base range of 450.
SS-10 (Jan 24) [59000] You can kill a ship then attack another before the weapon is recharged, i didnt test but could possibly be used to switch targets and attack over and over with no delay
SS-10 (Jan 24) [59006] started hyperspace calculation in combat, then it set my distance from the target to -999, but stayed engaged until jump
Akhrirar (Jan 24) [59007] While the bug of heavy shields and endure pain not stacking has been fixed, however, new bug come up, now can have too much of them like currently I have two endure pain and two heavy shields on currently according on score
Plo-Doon (Jan 24) [ 600] Help file for SPACE-COBMAT should be spelled SPACE-COMBAT
Plo-Doon (Jan 23) [59000] Space combat mechanics: Help file defines hit roll at [roll:1-20] + gunnery [11] + shipIntBonus [1] + baseAttack [21]. I should be rolling 34-53, but instead I'm rolling a critical of 41, and a lowest seen so far of 21. Even if the 41 is correct for my crit (which would imply just baseAttack + roll) a 21 roll should be impossible since that would require a roll of d20 roll of 0 which isn't legal. So this bug is two-fold; A) Help file is incorrect, or system isn't working as described and B) Dice rolls are from 0-20 not 1-20.
Kinzu (Jan 23) [ 1703] While build-testing as Kinzu on the other port, I ended up with something in my inventory with the name of one of my characters Verna-Lon. I crashed the server several times. I hadnt used that verna char in several days. I have no clue how any of this happened.
Xedic (Jan 23) [ 209] Mud crashes when I try and turnin quest
Kinzu (Jan 18) [30000] after a respec, every time I enter combat I get disconnected
Akhrirar (Jan 18) [ 1309] Vert, a rodian bounty hunter at Zefir's Entertainment at Dantooine. On his description, it show that he have some type of bounties available for Rancor, however when I asked him about it. Nothing happened?
Vekks (Jan 17) [ 1729] I have prestige classes available to me ai shouldn't have, possibly unlocked when a template was used? i have unlocked rifleman, machinist, bounty hunter and commando. It offers me carbineer and weapons master
Akhrirar (Jan 17) [ 1496] Defensive Stance - it supposed prevent you from moving, but I could move when I have it on.
Akhrirar (Jan 17) [ 1489] Combat Reflex states that can do additional attack of opportunity to my dex bonus, my dex is 28 + 9 = 37 [+13], yet when I fight two mobs, and both mob used special attack on same round and I only get one spring attack off. Shouldn't I get two spring attack (one for each mob)?
Mulansir (Jan 12) [ 231] Resize message need to reword as resize show Old weapond dice: 2d4, New weapons dice: 1d8 There's two issue, first typo of weapond and dice show 2d2 when I lore not 1d8 (vibroknuckle)
Akhrirar (Jan 11) [ 179] Assassinate ability seem not working, I have feat but when I use that command, nothing happen. Just blank return come up.
Peregrinum (Jan 11) [ 338] respec doesn't reset artisan ranks, but returns all artisan xp
Peregrinum (Jan 11) [ 338] bank doesn't store items as intended
SS-10 (Jan 8) [30000] Player corpses are having their description cut off. I can confirm this is the case with PVP deaths, I haven't seen any PVE death corpses yet. For my corpse I see "The corpse of a assassin droid with a solid frame and a black complexion is lying h"
SS-10 (Jan 8) [ 1734] There's an irrelevant helpfile "help background" that you may want to remove from the game
Kinzu (Jan 8) [59003] . I launched and jumped into hyperspace, then recalled and got into a taxi. Then the taxi landed me at tatooine
Kinzu (Jan 6) [ 310] LAND, my group members do not land with me
SS-10 (Jan 4) [ 3983] Reloading mainhand and offhand weapons will always show the mainhand weapons name as being reloaded. example: reload offhand shows that the mainhand pistol is being reloaded, although it reloads the correct one still. I only notice because i recently named my 2 pistols differently.
Kinzu (Dec 29) [ 1713] Safety Deposit Box fails to list deposited items. Items cannot be recovered. Deposited items appear to be lost forever at a cost of cash money.
Kinzu (Dec 29) [ 901] LAUNCH allows me to enter orbit with no ship. Its fun!
Kinzu (Dec 29) [ 937] RESPEC fails to reset ART Skill Levels. AXP go into the till, but skill levels remain where they were. It should probably zero out all art skills and ranks.
Deduplication (Dec 23) [59003] I think I deposited items into the bank in tattooine and now they are gone!
Deduplication (Dec 18) [ 640] wow, its pretty hard to complete quests when half the mobs are bugged and can't be attacked (you have to murder them, and even flagging for pvp doesn't let you attack them)
Deduplication (Dec 17) [ 306] in the Starcraft Sales and Repairs, if I "license freelance" I get a message saying i'm with faction (null), then when I type "list" the server crashes.
Deduplication (Dec 12) [ 117] alias command doesn't appear to accept lines with the semi-colon - I've seen other muds use '*' instead for this
Kinzu (Dec 10) [ 607] when 'force storm' fails to hit, it gives the casting player character as the missed target. IE "Your attempt to invoke a force storm against Kinzu fails."
Vekks (Dec 7) [ 129] 2 things, parker isn't completing quest 13 and I licensed at coruscant shipyards to rebellion, it set me as "null" when I listed for ships..... crashed the mud
Mordra (Nov 27) [ 230] when respeccing, i noticed that while my artisan level didn't change I did recieve several million art exp to spend after, also noticed a significant drop in bonus value on crafted items
Mordra (Nov 22) [64000] pretty sure when I licensed pilot to freelance and tried to list ships, we crashed
Thewk (Nov 22) [ 541] rage is working again
Thewk (Nov 22) [30000] rage is being funny, it is expiring a round after activating it
Thewk (Nov 17) [ 774] quickstrike doesn't seem to be working, states a melee weapon must be used, but I am using melee weapons when trying
Iskarion (Nov 8) [30000] Looks like some kind of injection bug in the "numattacks" command. Getting this: You have a total of 1 offhand attacksDELETE FROM d20chats WHERE 1 plus a 25% chance
Teris (Nov 7) [30004] During character creation, when attempting setdescs, can't back out from a description using 0 - Undefined. Not sure if this is intended behavior.
Zusuk (Oct 27) [ 1] list
Tovana (Oct 13) [ 2858] "You have converted a Mandalorian Assault rifle into tempered plasteel - bundle of 13." the bundle turned out to be low quality kevlar though
Tovana (Oct 12) [30000] doing pvp with Aryxia, sometimes I'll kill her without seeing any messages from the fight
Tovana (Oct 8) [ 1734] created new character to test something, Testienew, and they were pre-set to be a zabrak level 1 force adept. cannot log character in to delete them now and restore doesn't work
Tovana (Oct 8) [ 944] twi'lek no longer a playable race?
Mulansir (Oct 2) [ 175] quest - Betrayal from Within - 13, it say need to question Twi'lek Slaves, but I cannot find any! And quest want me to do it 5 times, so not sure if that mob has been added yet or ?
Jitatha (Sep 30) [ 400] I'm wookiee but wookiee grip feat didn't show up on my feat list nor heightened intimidation and enhanced healing rate. Only thing showing up on feat is bowcaster proficiency
HK-48 (Jun 18) [ 3611] attempting to disarm opponent uses up actions even if opponent has no weapon
Ichigo (Jun 18) [30015] my character isn't coming back after reloading the screen. I tried using the re- command to retrieve it, but it says that there's no need. However, when I attempt to load my character, it returns the number I typed in, and does a return and continues to wait for my response (endless loop).
HK-48 (Jun 18) [ 3611] if you use 'afk' to turn off the afk flag when you have it set it won't work. It first turns it off for using any command then executes the afk command to turn it back on.
Mabius (Apr 14) [ 672] My character hasn't been loading anytime I log on without me having to restore it. I hit '1' to log in as Mabius but it just freezes. Then I hit enter and it tells me I must pick a number between 1 and 100. It also asks me to enter my email every time.
NicroHobak (Mar 23) [30002] In the "Choose your Alignment" newbie room, there's a bit of yellow text in the room description that seems to be pushing the ASCII map over to the right. It probably needs a special strlen() that's aware of the color escape codes.
Navaru (Feb 15) [ 355] when i i go to the selection screen after logging out- if i hit 4 and not 5 and it asks for the old password- the game crashes
Navaru (Feb 2) [11896] the 'inspire heroics' command doesn't seem to have results, although it does display a message, it does not appear in "affections"-or on my "score"
HK-48 (Jan 2) [64000] 'who' command does not show people seeking RP
Friction (Dec 30) [ 2895] All of the Echani Abilities seem to take up my whole round. They take up both my action 'between attacks', as well as preventing me from making another attack -- even if I only use a single 'Touch of Death' between rounds. Also, Stunning Blow and Blinding Strike just have a comment about 'gathering focus' and don't seem to actually make an attack. No results/effects follow it, not even a notice of missing, like how Touch of Death does.
Friction (Dec 30) [ 1734] Ki Critical states it will increase Threat Range by +2 if you already have Improved Critical. Using Vibroknuckles with Improved Critical (Simple Melee) plus Ki Critical has my threat range at 18-20 instead of the proper 17-20.
Garlee (Dec 30) [ 286] Feats Gunslinger lists 'sneak attack' as one of their feats, but when leveling as GS I couldn't take said feat. Thanks!
Inuko (Dec 29) [ 2896] I have a piece of gear that I build using a Feat Datachip for Lightning Reflexes. Lightning Reflexes is not reflected in my Reflex score, not in my 'defenses reflex', nor does it show up on my Feat list.
Garlee (Dec 29) [ 1723] Rescue doesn't seem to be working. Aggro on mobs, in general, seems very wonky and random. I noticed, too, that in the help files there's a 'challenge' feat and associated abilities, tied to a diplomacy skill. Alas, diplomacy isn't on the list of skills we can take. It would certainly be handy in grouping to be able to determine a tank. Thanks!
Yohllo (Dec 29) [ 1735] Fast Crafter feat doesn't seem to be doing anything. Supply orders and reguar crafts alike are taking the full 15 ticks to complete. When doing a checkcraft, prior to starting the process, it does say it will take 80 seconds, but somewhere between there and starting the crafting, something breaks down.
Inuko (Dec 28) [ 1911] The Feat: Multi Target Force Power is supposed to make my powers hit multiple targets. So far, I've only seen it work on 'Force Light'. I've tested it on: Force Stun, Force Slow, Force Grip, Force Push, Adrenaline Boost, Mind Trick, Force Surge, Force Defenses, Force Prowess, and Move Object -- and it doesn't make any of these hit multiple targets. Force Slam and Force Speed are already AoE.
Inuko (Dec 28) [ 1328] I have the 'Force Senses' feat, but changing my Wisdom doesn't seem to change my actual hit/damage scores when I type "weapons" or in the "score". It does show being reflected in my Reflex defense though.
Garlee (Dec 28) [ 565] Perhaps I'm not using the right command, but "ua 'pacify'" is giving me a 'you do not have that ability innately' while playing a Zeltron. Which.. I should have it innately. xD
Yohllo (Dec 25) [ 1724] There seems to be some sort of exp bug going around. I went to redeem approximately 5400 merit points, and got the following message, but 0 xp actually applied: EXP GAIN: 31613400 base + 1896804 bonus - 0 penalty = 31613405 total ( rp-points promotion )
Yohllo (Dec 23) [ 1734] Controlled Burst doesn't seem to be giving any reduction in attack penalties.
Kai (Dec 23) [ 758] With enabled, I see the combat log say that I parried so many times, but it does not seem to negate any damage from the parried attacks
Kai (Dec 23) [ 758] Riposte does not appear to do anything, even though combat logs say that I parried so many times in a turn.
Jynx (Dec 20) [ 602] When I purchase for my commando, and turn on , I still get the -5 Hit penalty, even though is supposed to negate that
Kriela (Nov 25) [ 1723] Unstable internet after accexp item caused items to disappear/reset. Items involved: 2 x 'a red-bladed lightsaber with a golden, dragon-shaped hilt'
Grajo (Oct 27) [64000] 'help tinker-crafts' displays no listing of what tinkers can make..
Grajo (Oct 26) [64000] cannot unbundle bundles of 1
Harvy (Oct 24) [ 668] it seems that the quest history command crashes the mud.
Haidaius (Jul 29) [30605] help clan shows CAPPLY to acess clans, should be changed to CJOIN for the automatic join process
RawrGrr (Jul 11) [ 1915] opportunity sneak attack not working. You shoot a enraged killik abomination but miss with a Modified Wookie Hand-caster. (rolled 97 vs defense 62) You miss a krayt dragon with your attack of opportunity for 0 damage.(Spring Attack)
Iskarion (Jul 4) [ 674] Turn on negatve energy and respec, the flag is still set. Could technically have it on without having to re-leran the power.
Iskarion (Jun 30) [ 2899] You can use djemso and wickedstrike commands without having the feats.
Borovin (Jun 23) [30603] augment only partially works, im able to put more than one crystal into the station, i used a 20, a 21 and a 4 level fort datachip. which should yield 21+ 5 (20/4)+ 1 (4/4)=27. instead it said max 18 and converted all that to level 18 chip
Edann (Apr 22) [ 244] Quest-givers list every quest twice.
Ebillard (Jan 12) [ 237] Pulling items out of the bank, such as Legendary or Fable flagged gear, sets the text string to all green at first, and upon reloading a time or two later the flag is set to white and the rest of the string to default.
Dahark (Dec 17) [ 432] I just used 'flee' and found myself going straight through a door.
Ebillard (Dec 6) [ 353] Problem with putting an item in the bank vault. I got a message showing I deposited the rare item and charged me for it, but when I listed the item was not there. When I tried to withdraw, it did not return it to me. You deposit [Rare] a margath's OD4-CG vibroblade into your item bank at a cost of 311 credits. No item of that description is in your bank. To specify a specific item type any substring of the item's short description.

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