Welcome to d20MUD: Star Wars

What are we?

d20MUD is a text based multiplayer online role playing game. Modern MMOs are derived from games like ours, which are in many ways similar to MMOs except using the medium of text instead of graphics.

Why Text?

Text might seem a little archaic when it comes to games. But it actually offers incredible flexibility, both with game design and in playing the game itself. The hardest part about text is learning the commands to play the game, and getting used to a game without graphics. As developers, we are limited only by our imagination. We don't have to do the painstaking work of creating models and animations for every aspect of the game. This gives us incredible freedom as well as speed in developing new features. As a player, once you know the commands, you can really express yourself, describe your character and your gear, precisely the way you want.

Why d20MUD?

d20MUD has been in some form of development since 2005. We are the only d20/SAGA based Star Wars MUD or MMO out there. We are truly unique. If you're a fan of the d20 system and/or the SAGA system, love Star Wars, enjoy role playing or even just some hack and slash fun, we're quite sure you'll have a lot of fun playing and exploring the game. If you've played the old Bioware Knights of the Old Republic RPGs, they also used d20 system rules.

How do I Play?

If you've played a MUD before, simply point your favourite MUD client to starwars.d20mud.com port 5500. If you're new to MUDs, or just prefer to play in your browser, head on over to our web client. If you're viewing this from a mobile browser, we also have a mobile web client.

Connect: starwars.d20mud.com 5500

d20MUD Star Wars Let's You:

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